Route planner

Plan your commercial routes

Take back control of your schedule by organizing optimized routes in just a few clicks.

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Filter outlets

Depending on your needs in terms of frequency of visits and activity at your points of sale, visualise and isolate emergencies at a glance.

Lasso selector

Select a set of outlets with your mouse or finger and turn your selection into a sales tour.


Route optimization

You have many addresses to visit?
Don't panic, Sidely calculates the best route for you.

Follow-up on your visits 

In the field, access your route details directly from your smartphone.
Sidely assists you during and between each of your visits.

itinerary maps

Sidely, the tool for your growth in the field


Access all your customer data in a simple, collaborative and mobile tool

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Data collection

Customize forms to pull up data from your retailers 

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Sales performance

Track and monitor your sales performance in real time

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