Data collection

Guide the merchandising actions of your teams in the field

Design customised forms to help your sales people gater the right information from the field.

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Pick from our library of business forms

We have created a complete library of forms with business intelligence to guide your teams in the field: shelf audit, order form, price survey or competitive intelligence...

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Customize your forms

Can't find what you're looking for in the library?
The form editor allows you to freely create your own custom forms.


Make them available to your sales representatives

Armed only with their phones, your field teams can easily carry out all their business operations.

Analyze the data reported in real time

The data captured in the field goes back up to give you real-time visibility of your business and the activity of your teams.


Sidely, the ally of your field operation...


Access all your customer data in a simple, collaborative and mobile tool

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Route planner

Filter your points of sale and organise your optimised rounds in a few clicks

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Sales performance

Track and monitor your sales performance in real time

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