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Manage your sales force in real time

Track your business activity in real time and measure your company's performances and targets.

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Dashboard representation for managers
Sales activity

Track your business performance

View your sales reports on a dashboard with all the necessary performance indicators in real time. Use filters to isolate specific data.

Follow the activity of your teams

Measure the efficiency of your team by following the activities carried out (email, phone call, visit...) by your sales force and by sales representative.

Sales performance
Kanban view

Anticipate your turnover

Visualise your future business performance by forecasting your sales with the projected closing dates and success probabilities of each opportunity.

Set goals

Set targets on all performance indicators by salesperson, team, or for the company for any length of time, and check their progress in real time.

Field management

Control your territories

Visualise on a map your sales' territories and their distribution to improve your presence on the field.

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